List of products by brand Lihit Lab

Items and accessories to make work in the office more efficient and pleasant:
document holders, binders, laptop bags and more, all created according to the needs of those who use these objects every day

The meaning of LIHIT LAB

LIHIT is taken from the German word LICHT which means "light, hope". LAB (Laboratory) is an English abbreviation that means "laboratory”:
LIHIT LAB Expresses the stance of challenging the unknown world of tomorrow, with content research powered by hope and potential.

Striving to create new value

Since its founding in 1938, this company contributes to society by developing tools for streamlining and modernizing office work as a comprehensive office supplies manufacturer in Japan and overseas constantly capturing user needs.
Hirokazu Tanaka, president since 2012, promoted an even more attractive products line capable of satisfying the needs of todays information culture, following consumers guidance and encouragement.

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