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Since 1930 TOBISHO is the trademark of a workshop specializing in cutting tools for agriculture and gardening

TOBISHO is one of the best japanese producers of forged and tempered secateurs following a method of artisan blacksmiths with over 200 years of tradition.

In 1930 the founder established the current workshop and today his brother and the whole Tobitsuka family, now in their third generation, carry on the company thanks to their great experience, study and constant research combining new techniques with the traditional method, creating secateurs of absolute quality, particularly suitable for the work of professional farmers and winemakers — but also for those who want to take care of their garden in the best way.
TOBISHO secateurs are sought after and appreciated by Japanese and worldwide professionals.

Yamagata: City of blacksmiths and swords ~ In 1350 General Shiba Kaneyori built a castle in Yamagata where the shōgun settled with his trusted blacksmiths. It was the beginning of the history of master blacksmiths and artisans in Yamagata.

In the city that flourished around the castle a true village of blacksmiths was formed:
General Shiba soon decided to protect them because he knew that these steel craftsmen possessed great mastery.

Even today in Yamagata there are workshops of blacksmiths who descend from past generations and follow the traditional technique in the production of cutting tools.

Thanks to the TOBISHO production and the work of the artisan blacksmiths, this precious tradition continues to give life to “eternal” products, built with the same passion and technical quality handed down by the great masters of the past.


A land rich in nature and agriculture ~ The Prefecture of Yamagata, in the Tōhoku region, is rich not only in tradition but also in beautiful nature.

The Prefecture of Yamagata is characterized by mountains and forests and agriculture is highly developed:
in this area rice (also used for sake production) and many types of fruit and vegetables are grown.

In the city of Yamagata, the chief town of the Prefecture, TOBISHO is headquartered, a workshop specialized in the production of cutting tools for agriculture and gardening:
thanks to direct contact with farmers and their needs, TOBISHO has acquired the knowledge that allows it to make secateurs of unrivalled quality.

One hundred processing phases: All by hand ~ More than 100 steps are needed to get from two steel bars to a pair of TOBISHO secateurs.

This is why TOBISHO secateurs last much longer than others: they are more resistant because they consist of only two pieces plus the screw and the spring.
TOBISHO’s blade is sharp as a mirror and its shape resembles that of a Hamaguri shell. These characteristics facilitate the penetration and the exit between and from the branches, at the same time reducing the effort of the hands and the friction.

A clean cut: More health for the plant, less fatigue for the hand ~ Clean and precise cut thanks to the high quality carbon steel blade forged and hardened by hand.

TOBISHO guarantees a clean and precise cut of the branch without crushing and bark wounds. Thanks to the particular shape of the blade the branches are less subject to the attack of bacteria and fungi:
the surface of the cut is concave and preserves the sap capable of protecting the plant from infections, while with commercial scissors the cut is not clean, the bark frays and the sap slips away.

The final treatment of the TOBISHO blade, sharpened like a Katana, guarantees ease of penetration and exit. It increases ease of use and reduces muscle disorders that often affect those who have to work many hours a day using lower quality secateurs.


Unique pieces and attention to every detail ~ The quality of the steel, combined with the utmost care at every stage of the process, makes TOBISHO secateurs very light and comfortable to use.

✔ Superior quality Japanese steel with a high carbon content, which guarantees strong and durable blades.
✔ Heat-hardening treatment following the ancient traditional method to increase the resistance of the blade.
✔ Mirror treatment and sharpening on the entire surface of the blade and counter-blade is performed manually.
✔ Manual adjustment of blade and screw for each and every piece: only the secateurs that pass the final control by the Master are sent.

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