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Toyo Steel Co. Ltd, established in 1969 in Osaka, is the specialist of the Steel Toolbox renowned for its many qualities: lightweight, portable, extremely durable because made from a single steel sheet, seamless.

tono steel toolbox: organizer for various objects

Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel: a simple, durable, & rugged yet beautifully designed toolbox with “Made in Japan” quality.

Toyo products were awarded the “Good Design Award” and “Long Life Design Award” and have been loved for more than half a century.

Not just an “organizer box”
Toyo Steel’s toolbox has become a part in each one of user’s life stories.
Starting from a small box, crafted with care from Japan – your story will start and will grow over the years!

“We want to be present with each of your life story, and create a rich history together.
Dreams will not rust!”: until now, and from now on, that is the wish of Toyo Steel.

seamless steel toolbox: storage box for home, office

Toyo Steel’s Craftsmanship

This toolbox was born when Toyo Steel successfully developed a revolutionary technology in 1969. The toolbox is seamless, lightweight, with a round gentle handle with no sharp corners.
It also has outstanding durability and functionality.

An unique design that has been highly evaluated for many years earning numerous Design Patents and receiving two “Good Design Award” (Y-350/2009. TWR-2・TWR-4/2014).
Also, in order to ensure a stable quality system, Toyo obtained ISO certifications (ISO9001: 2000/2007, ISO45001:2018/2020).
Under strict quality control, Toyo's toolboxes are manufactured with technology not found in other companies, and with first-class quality that fits the value of Made in Japan.

Earth-friendly iron - Three environmentally friendly points

The need to choose eco-friendly products:
Do you know about the "microplastic problem"?
About 700 species of organisms such as fish, birds, marine mammals and sea turtles are at risk of being injured or killed by plastic products flowing into the sea.
Countermeasures, such as the development and utilization of alternative materials, are being urgently taken all over the world.

Steel as an alternative to plastic:
Steel is an environmentally friendly material, and it should be the material of choice in this era.

Here are three points that make steel environmentally friendly:

1. Easy to recycle
Iron, the material from which steel is made, is highly recyclable. Even if it is discarded without sorting, it can be collected by magnets and recycled without leaks.
Used iron products can be reborn again and again, as they can be turned back into clean iron again.

2. It is an abundant resource on earth
One-third of the weight of the earth is iron. It is the most abundant metal resource on earth, and it is easy to mine and does not burden the earth.
In addition, iron is a plentiful resource, has excellent recyclability, and can be produced with a small amount of energy.
Comparing the price per weight, it is cheaper than bottled water!

3. It can be returned to nature
Unlike plastic, which remains on earth almost forever, iron is in harmony with nature.
Iron born from the earth is processed into steel and turned into a toolbox, which can be returned to the earth after use.
Once returned to the soil, it will be naturally decomposed in just a few decades.

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