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Stylish and colorful masking tape for Wrapping, Stationery, Party, Life Style and Season.
Made in Washi, Japanese traditional paper

It all began with a book.

Three women fascinated by masking tape created a mini book filled with fantastically designed features, clearing away our concept that masking tape is a typical product for an industrial use:
the year was 2008, mt tape was born! mt masking tape is made in "washi", Japanese traditional paper.
It works well for packaging, decorating, DIY-projects and art works. There are several hundreds types of mt masking tape.

mt masking tape & Kamoi

mt is made by Kamoi, a company established in 1923 that has great experience in the developing of high quality adhesive tapes for both industrial and decorative uses. This unique Japanese masking tape made of Washi paper is strong yet extremely thin compared with those made in other countries. It has an excellent adhesiveness and it was well-received world-wide as it can be removed easily without leaving a trace.

First class quality

mt "Samekomon-Beni" has been rated "Excellent" by ÖKO-TEST, an authoritative German magazine for product testing.
In Japan, mt satisfies the standards of The Japanese Food Sanitation Act, meaning that mt is as safe as Origami paper with which children play.
mt has been awarded in many countries in the world and mt's design and quality are worldwide acknowledged.


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