List of products by brand Midori

Leading designer stationery company in Japan,
it produces paper products including notebooks, letters and desk items that combine beauty and functionality

The MIDORI brand is a Japanese stationery brand that began as a producer of writing paper and envelopes in 1950.
Since then, we have continued to develop a range of design-focused products that will enrich and add color to people’s daily lives.
MIDORI has maintained its base in design and paper while evolving into a comprehensive manufacturer of stationery items, where our mainstay paper products that allow users to express themselves freely are now accompanied by functional writing materials that people can enjoy using with our paper items.

About Designphil

Designphil Inc. is a design company which produces both product designs and commercial designs. As a leading design stationery company in Japan, we manufacture paper products including notebooks, letters and desk top items that integrate beauty with functionality.
On July 7, 2007, we changed our name from Midori Co., Ltd. to Designphil Inc., in line with our company’s growth and expansion of business through the collaboration of our three design businesses, “Midori product business”, “commercial business”, “Brand business”.

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