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compact glass flower vase

Colorful Flower Vase in Barium Glass "Michi-Kusa" - h concept

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Colorful Flower Vase in Barium Glass

Show off wildflowers in all their natural beauty with this little vase. A small vase for arranging wildflowers.

Pick a nameless wildflower from the side of the road and place it in the vase. Bring the scent of a fresh field to your room!

Available colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green, Cloud grey, Dark green                                                              

Colors: Pink
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Michi-Kusa, A small vace for arranging wildflowers

Pick a nameless wildflower from the side of the road and place it in the vase. Bring the scent of a fresh field to your room.

Designed by dmc.

Let's enjoy the color combination with the color of the flower. The interior will be even more gorgeous with Michi-Kusa ! Please decorate a small flower on the roadside in a familiar place such as a desk or a kitchen. You will be consoled by the flowers and grass you didn't care about.

Color Dark Green and Pink : The color strength of the vase enhances the flowers. The ones with strong colors that are as competitive as the vase and the ones with a clear appearance look great. (Brown and Black can be used in the same way)

Color Brown : Combined with brown with wood grain for a calm atmosphere. Since everything is not the same size between Kenzan (needles), you can decorate flowers by choosing a place that matches the size.

Color Light Gray, Brown and Black : They are colors that make it easy to produce a mature atmosphere, a fresh impression and unique flowers. It goes well with flowers,small fruits, leaves of blue and purple color.

Michi-Kusa is a compact size that can be placed in limited spaces such as restrooms. A small flower, a big flower, a leaf, whatever, a favorite flower close to you. Take a break during your busy days

Bring the nameless flowers back during your Michi-Kusa walk. Nice fresh wild scent in your room! Because there are various colors, Michi-Kusa can be used as a room accent.
It is also recommended to change the scene for each scene such as " Green " in the living room, " Light Gray " in the kitchen, and " Pink " in your room. Even if you put the same flower, it looks completely different depending on the color of the vase. If you try to use it, you can find unexpected combinations only for you.

The material used for the vase is a type called "barium glass". Unlike glass used for windows, etc. (soda glass), it is characterized by high "transparency", "refractive index" and "reflectance". Therefore, when you add water, it looks different from the empty state.
The mixture of water and Kenzan reflected in the clear glass is beautifully projected. To increase the transparency and refractive index, lead oxide is usually added, but barium glass does not. One of the reasons for adopting this material is that it is not only functional but also environmentally friendly.


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