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Wrapping Paper with Glue for Gift, Decoration, Party, Life Style Deco " Wrap " - mt


mt Wrap, mt wrapping paper with glue at both ends, for wrapping without using tape or glue.

You can write messages on this paper.

155/230mm x 5m

1 roll in plastic film 


mt Wrap,

This new type mt wrapping paper is a convenient detachable mt which has glue at both ends: without using tape or glue, anyone can wrap neatly and prettily!

You can write messages on this paper. It changes to an original book cover just by wrapping it with tape based on the size of book.

Color Pensil Dot (155mm x 5m)  -  Les Olivades Campaniou (155mm x 5m)


Pattern Patchwork (230mm x 5m)  -  Wrinkled Grid Red (230mm x 5m)


Data sheet

Office & school
155/230mm x 5m
Japanese paper Washi
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