Storage Basket, Container, Organizer with Cotton Rope Handles "Balcolore S Size" - Hachiman

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Storage Basket, Container for Home

Multi-purpose basket for laundry, food, toys, and more!

The flexible material allows to carry or store just about anything.

And when you're not using them, just stack them together!


Available color : White, Light blue, Pink, Café au lait, Brown, Grey, Black

Colors: Pink
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What would you put in Balcolore, with its lovely curved shape like a ship?

Kids toys storage, kitchen and living room, sanitary space, outdoor etc ... Keep your home looking shipshape with our seaworthy balcolore baskets.

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Because it is a soft material, it can be stored gently in any occasion. Balcolore baskets can be used as a laundry holder, object holder, or as a complement of modern and quality furnishings.

When not in use, it does not take up space because it can be stacked.

From four sizes, you can use them side by side to suit your needs!


Capacity & Dimentions (W and H dimensions do not include the handle):

Mini  2L (W135xD208xH150mm)
S     7L (W190xD290xH220mm)
M   19L (W270xD400xH305mm)
L    38L (W330xD500xH375mm) 

* Please note
・ While baskets are stacked or if the basket is overstuffed or filled with overweight items, it may become misshapen. Please re-shape by hands to restore its original form.
・ Since the packaging of the product was stacked, it may be closer to a square instead of the ship shape when it arrives, but there is no problem with quality.
The feature is that the material is soft and the shape changes, and there is resilience. Please note that the shape will be restored as you use it.


Data sheet

Agriculture & Gardening
Furniture and space organization
Health and Beauty
Office & school
Vase and Accessories
Polyethylene (Body), Cotton(Ropes)
Country of origin

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