storage box for bedroom, hall, living room
Codice prodotto: YAM2110RO02

Organizer Box with Removable Dividers "RIN" Steel & Wood Color Black - Yamazaki


Stylish Storage Box in Steel and Natural Wood


Thanks to its elegant design in steel and wood, this storage box is a beautiful addition to any room.

With movable dividers that allow you to organize small items easily and comfortably.

Available color: White, Black

Familiar and useful no matter where you place it


"RIN interior storage box" with a beautiful combination of matte textured steel and natural wood.
Although it has a slim body that does not need to be placed in a convenient place, it has a width of about 45 cm and can store plenty of small items.

The two partition plates with magnets are convenient because they can be set in the desired position according to what is stored.
It plays an active part in the living room, children's room, kitchen, sanitary, etc.


You can neatly organize small items that tend to flicker.
The width is about 45 cm, which is a wide size, so you can fully store it.


Convenient movable partition

The two partition plates are movable with magnets.
It is convenient because the position of the partition plate can be changed depending on the items to be stored such as the remote control, smartphone / tablet, and stationery.
Place it on a counter or table to put things you need in your daily life in place.


Use with a single partition plate as a magazine rack to store books and magazines.
Since the partition is movable, it can be used in many ways.


Available also White color!


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