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Remote Control Stand Organizer Holder Living Room Office Desk " Remococo " - h concept


Your remote is most at home here!  

It is easy to lose track of your remote control at home, but with this, you can create a permanent home for it. 

With its soft material, it will not damage the surface it is placed on, nor the items placed inside.

Great for storing various accessories, including glasses, stationery, business cards, cosmetics, and more.         

Available color : Grey, White                                                                 


Remote Control Stand
We examined remotes of various dimensions and considered how each of them felt during use. We were highly particular about creating a product with a functional yet compact size, and a beautiful inclined angle that allows for simple and easy storage.

For those of you who ask ’Where is the remote?’…’Remococo’ is for you!

Japan's "Good Design Award" Germany's "iF DesignA ward."

Designed by Genta & Chie Kanayama


Before - After

Remote controls that are always scattered in the room can be neatly organized. Remote control fits neatly and is angle design that is easy to put in and out. As the name suggests, " remote control, coco(here) ". It is also attractive that it does not hurt the table with soft material. You can use even wooden furniture which is easily damaged.

Because it is a simple and continuous design, it can be connected or arranged in different colors. Even if there are many remote controls, it fits compactly and the space is neatly organized.


17.5 degree comfort
After many trials and errors, we arrived at 17.5 degrees, which looks beautiful, is easy to put in and out, and is comfortable to use. The inside diameter is 60 x 30mm, so you can store a thick remote control.


In our quest to create easy-to-use products, we arrived at this subtly charming zig-zag form. The slightly adorable zigzag form is a form that seeks ease of use. A design like a part of the interior does not choose where to put. Ideal for organizing and storing items that are temporarily removed, such as glasses. Some people use it to store their watches. It feels good if the belt fits comfortably.


Made of soft material that will not break if Remococo falls. You can wash it with water, so you can always keep it clean. Grey can have a unique appearance like concrete, depending on the composition of the material.


Your room and desk are always clean and tidy by simply placing it in Remococo! It can be conveniently used as a stationery holder, pen and business card on the desk. The business card fits perfectly, so you can order and store your cards effortlessly.

With its soft material, it will not damage the surface it is placed on, nor the items placed inside. From Kitchen & Bathroom to restroom, use is expanded according to your lifestyle. It is made of soft material and does not damage the content or the furniture. Even as a small box of accessories.

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