Multi-purpose storage: bucket with lid, stool for office, home
Codice prodotto: HAC2003SM

Colorful Stool Storage Bucket with Lid 4L "Omnioutil Scandinavian Mini" - Hachiman


Stool and Storage Bucket

New Color Arrived! Rose Pink & Baby Blue

Now you can enjoy our Omnioutil buckets in beautiful Scandinavian colours!
Make your room cozy and relaxed with natural tones inspired by the earth, sky, flowers, and forest.
As a tool, table, tool box, theare are no limites to what it can do.

Sizes available: MINI, S, L, LL

Available colors: Rose Pink, Baby Blue, Ivory, Café au lait, Baby blue


Hachiman® buckets are beautiful, colorful and very useful

They are suitable for contact with food, non-toxic, certified in Japan

and withstand temperatures from -20°C to +120°C.

They are stackable and usable as containers, and equipped with a lid.


Hachiman® buckets can be used as a table, stool, ladder (they can bear up to 150 kg) .


and turn into garden buckets thanks to a hole to hold the water barrel in place.



Other examples of use: laundry basket, ice bucket, waste bin, etc. 



The design and the range of colors of the Hachiman buckets makes them suitable for any room in the house, even for the living room: elegant and beautiful colors towards a natural lifestyle.

* Tested for weight tolerance up to 150kg/330lb (whole unit with the lid on)
Cold & Heat Tolerance : -20℃ ∼ 120℃

Capacity, Weight & Dimensions (D&H do not include the handle) :
Mini  4L  465g    (W210xD224xH175mm)
S      8L  730g    (W271xD254xH211mm)
L     10L  825g    (W282xD267xH265cm)
LL   20L  1,17kg  (W330xD312xH338cm)


Data sheet

Agriculture & Gardening
Furniture and space organization
Office & school
Salute e Bellezza
Dimension Mini Size (W210xD224xH175mm)
Polypropylene (Container, Lid and Handle), Polyethylene (Ring)
Country of origin