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Hook Adhesive Reusable Colorful Decorative Design " Dot Hook " - h concept


A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called " PitaSheet " which adheres well to smooth surfaces.

Can such as glass stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces ( such as refrigerators ).

Available color : Black, Silver, Beige, Vivid orange, Ocean green


Load capacity / (Estimated load capacity. Capacity changes depending on material and environment of the attached surface.) Approx. 500g

※ When the adhesive power is not enough, you can use an attached new adhesive after removing " PitaSheet "

It can be removed by spraying water.

Where can be used

● Smooth surfaces without ridges / Glass, plastic, stainless steel, painted metallic surfaces( refrigerator, laundry machines, doors,etc.)

Where you can not use

● Surfaces that easily peel away,are rough, or uneven / Fiber walls (cloth walls), wallpaper, sand walls, mud walls, concrete painted surfaces that easily peel away.
● Surfaces that have been processed with coating agents such as fluorine (soil-releasefinishing agent)
● Locations where the product may be exposed to water or high humidity, such as bathrooms or outdoors.

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Data sheet

Agriculture & Gardening
Office & school
Stainless steel (baked finish), Acrylic foam
Country of origin