clips for photo and postcards
Codice prodotto: HCO1911PS99

7pcs Photohanger Clip Stainless for Favorite Photos-Postcards - h concept


Clothes Hanger-Shaped Clips for Displaying your Photos or Postcards

Clip in your favorite photo or postcard and display it in your own way!

Suspend it from a wire or hang it from a pin – since it won’t leave any holes behind from thumbtacks you can decorate while your memories stay beautiful.         

1 Set: 7 pcs

Available color: Stainless

You can decorate with a photo frame for your favorite photos and postcards without making holes in photos and postcards!

Designed by Juta Kan



You can decorate your precious memories forever.


Put your favorite postcards on the wall.
If you hang it on a wire, you can create a new style of decoration.

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Office & school
Stainless steel
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