Atom has been manufacturing professional rice planting boots for over 50 years.
With the motto “worker safety”, devote themselves to making the best quality products in Japan for all kinds of work.

The action power of positive thinking imagines the next generation

One of our principles is to contribuite to the improvement of safety, comfort and productivity of workers.
This includes, for example, the desire to enable customers to work easier, less tired, and less injured by having Atom's gloves used.

To provide products with new value based on number one technology to increase safety, comfort and productivity of workers:
this is the style Atom will ever carry on.

Corporate Social Responsibility

<Environmental Initiatives>

Products mainly made of natural rubber:

Since its founding, Atom has been making products mainly made of natural rubber, such as rubber-covered gloves, latex gloves, and rubber boots.
That attitude is still the same today.

Active use of recycled materials:

Recycled raw material typified by PET bottle recycled yarn.
Atom has been actively working on their use for long time. We also use recycled raw materials for natural rubber parts and threads (fibers).

In addition, we actively support community activities such as environmental and social welfare activities,
the activity of athletes and we make our contribution to school costs for children who have lost their parents in the earthquake.

About ISO:

Atom Co., Ltd. has acquired the certification of "ISO9001: 2015", the international standard of quality management system.
The Atom Group's THAI ATOM GLOVES Co., LTD. has also acquired ISO9001 certification.
We will continue to work on improving the quality system, provide products and services that satisfy our customers, and strive to further improve customer satisfaction.

Functionality and design:

We also focuse on product design. Although rare in the field of work supplies, our product has won the Good Design Award for gloves and boots.
All our items have won awards for their pursuit of functional aspects such as portability and breathability.
We carry out manufacturing in pursuit of functionality and design. This is the Atom style.

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