At "MY PRETTY CIRCUS" it‘s all about WRAPPING & WRITING: you'll find unique reversible gift wrap, greeting cards, boxed card sets and matching ribbon.


In our family giving was always celebrated in an extraordinary manner. Every single gift my mother ever wrapped was itself a piece of art. The joy and passion with which she chose the right papers, ribbons and matching cards transformed them into something very special. Her attention to detail left a lasting impression on me. This love for aesthetics, and my background as a set decorator and graphic artist, build the foundation for my designs.


I believe that giving is something very personal. Carefully selected patterns and high quality paper, with a special feel, elevates a present to something even more special. Beautiful wrapping shows the recipient how much he is appreciated. I therefore believe that choosing the wrapping paper is as important as choosing the gift itself. Let's make someone feel special today!


Our cards and wrapping papers are carbon neutrally printed in Germany. We used 100% recycled paper.

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