From Japan to the who e word. Tombow inspires creative trends in writing and drawing A Japanese family company for the creative world Since 1913 Tombow is a Japanese family company that manufactures high-quality and reliable writing instruments and therefore supports creative people in their work. As a family company, Tombow also stands for values such as consistency and tradition and carries on Japanese craftsmanship wit hits great value for quality, precision and perfection.

Design and functionality in perfect harmony 

Tombow develops new products according to design characteristics that are consistently in line with contemporary trends but at the same time forward-looking. Today, the name Tombow stands for award-winning designer writing instruments: Numerous classics are valued by people all over the world, such as the slim writing instrument collection Zoom 707 or the ergonomic MONO YT4 correction roller. Many Tombow products have been awarded renowned design prizes, such as the iF Product Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the Design Plus Award.

Tombow inspires creative trends in writing and drawing

In Japan, writing by hand carries a special meaning. Calligraphy has been a prized writing culture for centuries and even has its own name: Shodō, the way of writing. With Shodō, it is more about the purposeful noting down of thoughts. Through the meditative writing down of the characters, the writer simultaneously finds harmony and tension, peace and concentration, freedom and discipline. Calligraphy is still a part of everyday life in Japan and it is a custom, for example, to consciously write a character using ink and brush every New Year’s Day, which then serves as a guiding motto to live by for the coming year.

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