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2 Way Correction Roller MR in Pen Style Refillable (6m) - Plus


Correction roller in pen-style, refillable.

Flexible mini roller head, 2-Way corrections.

Ideal shape for the desktop and to carry in a pencil case.  

Tape Length : 6m                                 

Tape Width : 4,2mm    

Available color : Blue, Pink


The best value for money! Number 1 in Asia.

MR simple and easy to use: it's perfect for office and school use.

Packaging: Blister

Pen style ► High application comfort

• Correction tape in pen shape can be used like a writing instrument.

•  Ideal shape for the desktop and to carry in a pencil case.

Refillable ► Environment-friendly

• Refill tapes easy to change and cause less plastic disposal.

Flexible Mini Roller Head ► Smooth and comfortable correction

• Much lighter and smoother application is possible.

• Mini Roller Head transfers the tape firmly to the surface, preventing the tape from peeling off or breaking at the edges.

• The cap is easy to open and close with one touch and it protects the tip when not in use.

2-Way Corrections ► Clean and exact results

• Pull for a whole sentence, push for one letter.

• While correcting it is possible to see the exact spot you want to correct.

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