Tombow Fudenosuke Marker with Twin Soft Tip, Black/Grey

Twin Soft Tip Marker Fudenosuke Color Black/Grey for Calligraphy and Design - Tombow


Fudenosuke Marker with Twin Soft Tip, Black/Grey

Tombow Marker Fudenosuke, twin soft tip color black/gray. The Fudenosuke Twin brush pen has two elastic brush tips and is especially suited for calligraphy, sketchnotes, hand lettering, doodling, bullet journaling and much more.

Soft tip markers are especially suited for larger writings.

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Tombow Marker Fudenosuke twin soft tip color black/grey

The ink is water-based with colour pigments and odourless, it does not pass through the paper. The line width varies from thin to wide depending on the pressure exerted on the tip – from very narrow to very wide.

Available in 3 versions: soft tip, hard tip and double soft tip Black / Grey


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