paper clips, office staples in various fun shapes

Penguin Shaped Paper Clips "D-clips Penguin" - Midori


Penguin Shaped Metal Paper Clips

Metal D-clips that are both functional and have fun designs!

With motifs such as animals, vehicles, and fruit, and slide-open storage cases in a variety of bright colors, these paper clips appeal to both men and women.

Their toy-like cases contain 20 paper clips.

Each pattern is stylish, without being overly cute, making them perfect as presents.    

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These paper clips were first designed to be both reusable and for use as a communication aid in office and school environments.This D-clips adds a touch of fun to your everyday tasks at school or office. Animal shaped D-clips next to D-clips nano look like parent and child!

・ Keep out of reach of young children and infants.
・ Not for children under 6 yrs.
・ Ingested clips can cause serious injuries and seek immediate medical attention.


Data sheet

Office & school
Postcards cards
Case Size : 40x75x13mm
ABS(case), Stainless Steel(clip)