Stainless Steel Titanium Coated Scissors with 3D Blade for Office-School FITCUT CURVE Premium - Plus


Stainless Steel Titanium Coated Scissors with 3D Blade

Scissors in high carbon stainless steel titanium coated with 3D curved blades and sharp finish.

Comfortable and practical precise cut without effort. 

Titanium coated 3D-shaped blades for high durability and non-stick effect.

Various materials can be cut precisely and effortlessly: paper, cardboard, plastic, sticky tape, packaging, pet bottles, cords, fabric and flowers.

Packaging: Blister

Available colors: Brown, Dark blue

Colors: Dark Blue
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Curved and extra sharp blades - Sharp cut from root to tip


● Special blade shape: Optimum angle of approx. 30° between the curved blades.

● Sharp blade angles for precise and effortless cutting of various materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, sticky tape, packaging, pet bottles, cords, fabric and flowers.

Thought-out design - Comfortable and user-friendly cutting

● Durable pivot ring results in low-friction, smooth cutting and long-lasting scissors.

● Grip with soft, double-layered material minimizes finger aches after using.

 High precision / low friction special axis mechanism ensures smooth cutting, smooth operation and sharp cutting lasting. With a non-slip for the little finger, you can cut with a stable grip!

● Rounded tip for more security.

● The two-layer structure with thick and soft material reduces the strain on your fingers.

● A blade that has been studied for lever ratio, hand size, and how to hold it, so that the force can be easily transmitted to the blade, it fits perfectly in your hand.

Titanium coating

The titanium coating of the blades ensures extra durability and high resilience. Sharpness for more than 500,000 cuts!

Non - Stick effect - The mechanism of the 3D blades. The area of blade contact is minimized

With the area of blade-to-blade contact reduced to an absolute minimum, the newly developed 3D blade design has a strong non-stick effect.

Blade cap

The blade cap provides extra security. Perfect for using scissors on the go or for safe storage. 

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Data sheet

Office & school
Blade length : 65mm
Total length : 175mm
Blades : High Carbon Stainless Steel
Grip : Recycled plastic, Cap : Polypropylene

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