air press ballpoint pen with pressurization system
Codice prodotto: TOM1911AR00

Ballpoint Refill for AirPress Pen - Tombow


Refill for Ballpoint Pen with Compressed Air Technology

Tombow AirPress Ballpoint pen with compressed air technology. Always and everywhere ready for writing!

The ballpoint pen masters easily also unusual situations such as writing overhead, in dusty locations or on wet paper and in freezing temperatures (up to -5°C).

The ballpoint refill has a ball diameter of 0.7 mm and writes black.

Document proof according to ISO 12757-2 : 1998.

Tombow Ballpoint refill for AirPress Pen

The AirPress Pen is the ideal companion for outdoor, hobby, school and professional use.

The rubberized grip ensures a comfortable and safe hold even the fingers are wet or one wears gloves.

One can fix the AirPress Pen with its tough metal clip at the bag, pocket or working clothes.

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Agriculture & Gardening
Office & school