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Masking Roll Detachable Sticker Japanese paper Washi " Ribbon " - Bande


Bande Washi masking roll sticker Ribbon 11 designs (187 pieces).

Series of decorative motifs, colorful and perfect for creating beautiful decorations by combining different patterns! Also recommended for decorating greeting cards, agenda and calendar.   

You can peel off individual stickers and use them to create unique decorations.

This series has flower petals, leaves, fruits and various plants as its theme. You can get a nice decoration even with a single sticker, but by combining various stickers you can also create a bouquet on the gift card.

Creative Journaling / Greeting Cards:

The masking tape is composed of individual stickers! You can either use it as one long masking tape or peel individuals off of it and put them as seals. This product expands your usage of masking tape in many ways! You may use a single sticker to mark up your diary special events. You may create a colorful and vivd heart shape, or create a flower ring that looks like real one on your special letter to the one you care about. You can use it to make a flower frame for you printed photos. Flowers, fish, bows and many motifs will allow you to create all the decorations suggested by your imagination!

Usage Notice
・Do not put on the skins directly.
・Do not swallow.
・Keep away from small children.
・Avoid oily products.
・Can peel off under certain conditions.

Data sheet

Office & school
Package : Approx. 85.5x50.5x31mm, Sticker : Approx. 20x24mm
Japanese paper Washi
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