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Point Marker Sticky Note Index S 100 sheets " Acquarium " - Midori


Midori Sticky Notes can make your life more smooth and Our sticky notes are not only well-designed but also considered to be more useful. 

Design sticky memo that can be used as a marker for magazines, notebooks and schedule books etc. 

They’re easy to remove and re-stick. 

100 sheets (10 designs x 10 sheets in package)

Sticky Note Useful as Point Maker and Index. As many as 100 Stickers Included. There are 10 designs for a motif.

These stickers are perfectly sized to fit into the margins of a diary and a notebook. If you stick it to peek out from the pages, you can use it as a cute index.

Precautions for use

● When writing, avoid using a water-based pen, and use a ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip pen.

Data sheet

Office & school
Package Size : 162x80x2mm
Country of origin