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Portable Stapler Super Mini " XS " - Midori


Compact, Portable and foldable stapler!   

This stapler folds simply by sliding the metal section on the inside.

It also includes a handy staple remover and is able to staple up to 10 sheets of photocopy paper.

Available color : Black, White, Blue, Pink                             


"LOCK" to fold and "SET" to use. Open the cover and just slide the lever in the indicated direction.

When you slide the lever in the LOCK direction it can be closed. When you slide the lever in the SET direction it can be used. The body folds easily to take up little space!

With Staple Remover. You can check the staple postion with the mark.


Use only staples n. 10

The XS (Extra Small) stationery series aims to be both highly functional and highly portable As its name implies it is the smallest class of stationery in the world. Despite its small size, this series is surprisingly comfortable to use. The compactness of the XS series makes them easy to store and ensures they fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

The longest is just 76 mm, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And of course they’ll easily fit into your pocket.

All items are available in either black, white, pink, or blue

Data sheet

Office & school
Package Size : 116x52x15.5mm, Size : 21x66x14.5mm
Polycarbonate, POM
Approx.30g (without package 25g)