Vertical A4 Clipboard with Magnetic Flaps "MAGFLAP" - King Jim

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Vertical A4 Clipboard with Magnetic Flaps

An innovative vertical A4 clipboard with magnetic flaps holding documents effectively. The clip can tightly hold lots of documents. 

Unique design of 360° rotating magnetic flap allows 2 sides using.

Documents can be flipped on the back and held strongly by the magnetic flap.

Convenient to take notes on many pages. 

Available colors: Black, Blue, Green

Colors: Green
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German Design Award WINNER 2020

Feature of "Magflap" - Magnets inside    

① Back Flap

Magnets firmly holds turned papers.

② From end to end covered top clip

Ordinary clip boards: the corners of paper get wrinkled. 
Magflap can hold the top side of paper and keep it flat!

Position Guideline

Easy positioning by the guideline.

③ Bottom Flap

The bottom flap prevents damage to papers and keeps them flat. 

Ordinary clipboards...

When the wind blows...   When putting into a box...

It's so stressful!

Choose Magflap!

Its bottom flap gives you a solution. Can be folded on the back. 

Magnets inside

You can attach it to steel surfaces by magnets.

    Capacity: 30 A4 sheets
・ When attached to steel-surfaces, capacity is 10 sheets.
・ Be sure to fold back the bottom flap.
・ Some surfaces may prevent magnets to adhere.

See the video

How to reattach a detached clip cover:

1. Cover the clip with the cover, aligning the hole in the cover with the wire portion of the clip (areas indicated by blue circles).

2. Slide the cover up in the direction of the arrow with both hands until the clip is covered (until you hear a click).

3.  Looking from above, the clip should be completely covered except for the small portion pictured.

As shown here, part of the wire can be seen through the hole in the cover.


Data sheet

Office & school
Vase and Accessories
Body material: Polypropylene covered cardboard, Magnet
Approx. 300g

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