lightweight compact portable waterproof rubber boots pokeboo royal blue
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Lightweight Compact Portable Waterproof Rubber Boots " Pokeboo " Royal Blue - ATOM


So convenient, You'll want to take them everywhere!
Pokeboo, lightweight and compact portable boots.

Light and airy boots with a sole that has excellent elasticity, waterproof effect and excellent grip.
It gives the entire foot excellent flexibility without feeling pressure, and offers a comfortable fit that matches the shape of the foot.

Available color: Charcoal, Khaki, Royal blue


Functional boots that can be widely used for outdoor festivals, campgrounds, fishing trips, various outdoor activities and town use.

Pokeboo won the 2018 Good Design Award!
Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system in Japan founded in 1957.

We've designed these boots using natural rubber to ensure excellent water-resistance and an easily foldable construction.
Our form-fitting design keeps the boots snug all the way from your calves to your toes, for pleasant, comfortable walking.
And, most impressive of all, the weight of both boots together is no greater than an average-sized plastic bottled drink.

Ultralight Design: As Easy to Carry Around as a Single Bottled Drink Same as PET Water-bottled weight. 500-600ml/pair.

The boots can be easily stowed inside the included carrying case, which features a handy carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks, etc.
These boots are perfect for use in all kinds of outdoor settings, including campgrounds, fishing trips, and open-air festivals.
They also provide great backup in case of sudden rainstorms or other inclement weather, making these boots a stylish and reliable option for the urban trekker as well.



Includes a handy carabiner for easy hanging from a backpack or travel bag, or even from a coat hanger at home.


Entire body of each boot incorporates natural rubber for a completely waterproof design.
Uses a material with excellent waterproof effect.
Perfect for outdoor settings, including campgrounds, fishing trips, and open-air festivals.
Great backup around town in case of unexpected weather.


Each pair folds up and stows away into a convenient carrying case.
As simple to keep in a bag or purse as a compact travel umbrella.
So easy, you'll want to take these boots everywhere you go!


Unique sole design provides reinforcement at the heels for sure footing and a clear sense of the terrain while walking.
Out sole: Rubber soles provide excellent grip and flexibility. Reinforced heels allow for use in a wide variety of terrain.
Grip rubber sole with high grip effect due to its unique design.


Carrying case comes equipped with a drawstring to keep boots or shoes in-and other things out.
Uses a cord stopper. The part of the mouthpiece can be narrowed down firmly.

* Regarding Catalog Information:
Actual product color may vary slightly from images seen here due to catalog printing process.
Product specifications may change without prior notice.

* Measurements provided in the size chart are estimates only.

* If you want more space for your foot, We recommend a half size larger. or adjust with the insole.
Example: 42.5 -> 43size


Pokeboo Boots contain Natural Rubber which some people might be allergic to.

How to measure your foot

Before you begin, put on socks that you will most likely use with the boots that you're looking to purchase.

●Place your foot and mark the outline of the foot.

Sit in a straight chair with your kness bent at 90° to the floor (better place a blank sheet of paper on the flat surface).
* Measure your foot in the evening.

A. Length and Width

Trace two lines with a ruler, joining the furthest points: the length from the heel to the longest toe and the width at the metatarsophalangeal joint.


* The length of the foot is the most important data from which to start to choose the right size.
We recommend measuring both feet, it is not uncommon for one foot to be slightly larger than the other.
To orient yourself in the measurement tables, always take the largest foot as a reference; it is best to avoid taking measurements in the morning as soon as you get up.

B Calf area

Measure the calf width at widest part of your calf (35cm from floor)(B)

C Height

Sit in a straight chair with your kness bent at 90° to the floor. Measure leg height from the floor to the bend behind the knee.

Data sheet

royal blue
Height: approx SS/S:38cm, M/L: 39cm, LL/3L/4L:40cm
calf size (inner size. 35cm from floor): approx SS:37,4cm, S:37,8cm, M/L:40cm, LL:43,4cm, 3L:45cm, 4L:45,4cm
Body: Natural Rubber/Synthetic Rubber, Lining: Nylon
Drawstring: Polypropylene,Nylon, Natural Rubber, Hood (Charcoal): Polyester
M Size: approx. 460-520g(one leg)