E-Zakka An idea that comes from afar

E-zakka is the new project by Eletto Italia, an import-export company based in Florence founded in 2015 by a Japanese entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Italy for more than twenty years: it is her dream many years in a drawer.
Our entrepreneur attended elementary schools in Japan when she received a small doll as a gift created by hand by the mother of one of her classmates. This doll made her immensely happy, and it sparked her sensitivity for craft products, together with the desire to manage a gadget shop in adulthood. Today her dream becomes true, thanks to the experience she gained over many years of work and the creation of this site, e-zakkashop.com, dedicated to the sale of quality products for the home, work, school and free time.

E-zakka products help you live better ... and happier!

On e-zakkashop.com you can find Japanese and European products for the home, office, school, gardening and agriculture: these objects are very different from each other but all are characterized by elegance, practicality and quality.
All the products we have chosen are designed and manufactured to simplify many daily activities that arise in the workplace, in the schools of our children or when we are at home. In addition, many of our items, thanks to their practicality and portability, also adapt perfectly to the days we spend outside.
The items you may find on e-zakkashop.com will not only help you in the little things of every day thanks to their usefulness and the care with which they are made: these objects are created with the intention of bringing feelings and joy in our life, of helping us to cheer up work and free time — they are perfect for cultivating our hobbies (gardening, drawing, writing…), for having fun or relaxing while recovering a healthy balance with ourselves and with the people around us.
But not only! Many of our products are an excellent choice as a gift for your loved ones: we are confident that by giving them an e-zakkashop.com item you will make them happy!

Quality and craftsmanship for Italian and European customers

E-zakkashop.com is aimed at people looking for high quality and environmentally friendly products offered at the right price.
Our customers are purchase-conscious people who share our view: a thoughtful expense will make us happier and more satisfied (nobody likes to spend on items that are not worth their price ...) and will help reduce the amount of waste which results from unnecessary or wrong purchases.
Some of our products, such as the Tobisho secateurs, also preserve Japanese craftsmanship techniques, heritage of a millenary tradition of ingenuity and creativity based on the experience of Master Craftsmen capable of creating functional, elegant and high-quality products.
By purchasing our products you can also participate, together with us, in the construction of a bridge to bring Italy, Japan and Europe commercially and culturally closer.

Browse the E-zakkashop catalog and discover the object that's right for you!