• ATEA


    Artisan workshop of natural cosmetics: bringing nature closer to people again. And people to nature

  • Atelier Leo La Douce

    Atelier Leo La Douce

    Atelier Leo La Douce: Stationery with a unique design, full of details and made with high quality materials

  • ATOM


    ATOM has been manufacturing professional rice planting boots for over 50 years :
    the best quality products in Japan for all kinds of work



    Masking tape in Japanese paper with wide selection of patterns and motives (8-18 different patterns)
    You can peel off individual stickers and use them to create unique decorations

  • Beauty Scents

    Beauty Scents

    Handmade scented natural wax candles. These artisanal candles are made from environmentally friendly materials:
    natural or vegetable oil-based wax, cotton wicks and natural decorative elements



    The best-selling fruits and vegetables picking shears pruning scissors. Highly valued by japanese professionals

  • FARE


    Resistant and quality umbrellas produced by one of the world's leading companies:
    cutting-edge design and functionality

  • Fukuyama Rubber

    Fukuyama Rubber

    Made by Fukuyama Rubber, a long-established rubber footwear manufacturer symbol of Japan

  • h concept

    h concept

    Practical and innovatively designed household and daily life objects:
    furnishing accessories to add more joy and color to your life!

  • Hachiman


    Home accessories with a simple and elegant design, Made in Japan: style and practicality for everyday life

  • Haferkorn & Sauerbrey

    Haferkorn & Sauerbrey

    Refined stationery, postcards and diaries, created in Berlin in distinctive styles and with fantastic graphic motifs using certified materials and techniques

  • Hübsch


    The company was founded in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Kruger, and Daniel Henriksen out of a passion to create something unique and well designed.
    It is now one of Scandinavia's leading home interior brands.

  • King Jim

    King Jim

    Innovative and top-quality stationery products featuring convenience, beautiful design and reasonable price

  • Lihit Lab

    Lihit Lab

    Items and accessories to make work in the office more efficient and pleasant:
    document holders, binders, laptop bags and more, all created according to the needs of those who use these objects every day

  • Midori


    Leading designer stationery company in Japan,
    it produces paper products including notebooks, letters and desk items that combine beauty and functionality

  • MT


    Stylish and colorful masking tape for Wrapping, Stationery, Party, Life Style and Season.
    Made in Washi, Japanese traditional paper

  • My Pretty Circus

    My Pretty Circus

    Unique reversible wrapping papers, greeting cards, card sets and cards with matching ribbon - everything you need to wrap gifts with style and imagination!

  • OLFA


    High quality cutters made in Japan by OLFA, the world's leading manufacturer of professional and hobby cutters since 1956
  • Plus


    PLUS Corporation Tokyo - international leader of innovative office products and high quality office furniture



    Socially responsible and eco-sustainable artisan workshop that creates original wooden products with a unique design and highly practical:
    useful and beautiful accessories for the kitchen and home, perfect as a gift or to add a touch of style to your home.

    SIDE BY SIDE is the trade name for the design collection that was developed in 2001 by Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätte in Germany.



    Design for Life

    Uncomplicated, indestructible and unobtrusive – this is the new and modern outdoor LED light Troll with battery for garden and balcony.
    Available in 8 different colours, with full dimmability and as a table or floor lamp, Troll by Sompex will brighten up any ambience.

  • TeaLogic


    Since 2007, their small team has started to develop extraordinarily beautiful table accessories.
    Each item is unique and can be bought only from them.
    They offer a wide range of innovative designs and sophisticated shapes, always thought through and paying close attention to detail.



    Since 1930 TOBISHO is the trademark of a workshop specializing in cutting tools for agriculture and gardening

  • Tombow


    Since 1913 Tombow has been a Japanese family business that produces high-quality and reliable writing instruments and supports creative people in their work.
    We bring you a selection of brush pens, mechanical pencils and other graphic and calligraphy supplies.

  • Toyo Steel

    Toyo Steel

    Toyo Steel Co. Ltd, established in 1969 in Osaka, is the specialist of the Steel Toolbox renowned for its many qualities: lightweight, portable, extremely durable because made from a single steel sheet, seamless.

  • Umbra


    Umbra's story began in 1979 with the launch of a window curtain.
    Umbra today produces furniture characterized by an original, modern and casual design for every room in the house.

  • Yamazaki


    Shelves, cabinets and unique furnishing accessories, designed to be as smart and simple as possible and made with high quality materials to last a long time

  • Yup!


    A unique series of pouches inspired by food packaging and made with great attention to detail:
    they look so real you'll want to eat them!