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Socially responsible and eco-sustainable artisan workshop that creates original wooden products with a unique design and highly practical:
useful and beautiful accessories for the kitchen and home, perfect as a gift or to add a touch of style to your home.

SIDE BY SIDE is the trade name for the design collection that was developed in 2001 by Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätte in Germany.

SIDE BY SIDE is the trade name for the design collection that was developed in 2001 by Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätte in cooperation with Sabine Meyer (project manager), factor product (graphic design agency) and more than 15 freelance designers.

Product development, marketing & sales and the warehouse are located in Raubling in Bavaria's alpine upland.
Wendelstein Werkstätte employs 120 disabled workers in different departments, including 80 who work in the well equipped wood workshop.

Socially Responsible? Sustainable? Yes!

SIDE BY SIDE is a registered trademark of the Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätte in Rosenheim and Raubling. The workshops are run by the nonprofit Caritasverband München and Freising e.V. SIDE BY SIDE is not an independent entity, but rather a department within the workshop.
The products are sold under the side by side label. Shipping and distribution are handled by the workshop in Raubling.

The workshops operate under a government mandate and offer to more than 490 people with intellectual, physical, psychological and multiple disabilities employment, helping them to participate in society. The wages are generated by the products sold by the workshop.

Design: The products are designed by more than 30 designers, who receive royalty payments according to license agreements.

Production: SIDE BY SIDE  is known for original products manufactured in its own workshops and twenty other workshops by people with disabilities. The production involves a great deal of hand craft and a love for detail. Carefully selected wood from Europe is treated with natural oils and non-hazardous finishes, the design fine tuned to the function and each product tested.


Quality first!

SIDE BY SIDE wooden products are crafted of carefully selected high quality, massive woods. Many of the production steps being done by hand.

SIDE BY SIDE wooden prodcuts are easy to care for, if certain criteria are followed:

• Wooden products should not stand in water or be exposed to extreme heat (directly next to an oven or heater).
• Blemishes on untreated wooden surfaces can be removed with fine sand paper.
• Painted or oiled surfaces are best cleaned with a damp cloth. Please avoid the use of concentrated cleaning fluids.

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