List of products by brand Fukuyama Rubber

Made by Fukuyama Rubber, a long-established rubber footwear manufacturer symbol of Japan

Ready to face challenges and change

The company was established in March 1947.Since then, we have been consistently involved in the manufacture of rubber products for over 70 years.
At the beginning our activity was focused on the production of cloth shoes, rubber shoes and the like, but we expanded our business in response to the development of society and the needs of our customers, and now we offer construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, etc.
We develop and build products in a wide range of fields.

Currently, we offer a wide range of footwear, including the first toecap sneakers, work cloth shoes with improved comfort based on customer feedback, etc., centering on work boots that are popular thanks to their 4-layer structure with excellent durability on the torso.
The unrivaled "making of discerning products" has won high praise in the field.


Quality Initiatives

In 2008 Fukuyama Rubber Industry Co. Ltd. acquired the certification of "ISO9001", the international standard for quality management, and "ISO14001", the international standard for environmental management.
Through continuous technological development and quality improvement, we aim to win customers satisfaction.
In addition, we are engaged in resource saving, greenhouse gas reduction, environmental education, we strive to create a system for pollution prevention and environmental conservation, and are working to reduce the environmental load and realize a material-cycle conscious society.

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