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Flat Clinch Stapler with Power Assistant Mechanism, Compact Design ST-010V - Plus


Power-Assisted Flat Clinch Stapler.

Flat clinched staples result in 30% less volume of stapled documents and Reduces stapling force by 50%!

Substantial savings in office space. 

stapling capacity about 20 sheets.

Inc. 300 staples No.10.

Packaging System : Blister  

Color: White, Red, Turquoise


Flat-Clinch-Technology ► Space saving and professional

• Flat clinched staples result in 30% less volume of stapled documents.

Power assist mechanism ► Reduces force required for stapling

• Using the principle of the fulcrum, the stapling power has been increased by 50%. 

Compact design ► Comfortable usage, easy to carry 

• Not only is it compact, but it also has a round shape that fits comfortably in the hand, so it fits comfortably in the palm of a woman. The design makes it easy to check the binding position.

Staples for ST-010V : No.10. 
Stapling capacity : about 20 sheets (64gsm paper)
Loading capacity : 100 staple
* Stapling depth : 30mm

Available : 1 Box of 1.000 staples. (Sold separately)

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Steel, Recycled Plastic