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Set of 6 colors ABR Dual Brush VINTAGE for Hand Lettering, Aquarelli, Illustration, Comic, Manga, Stamping - Tombow


Tombow ABT Dual Brush Set of 6 colors VINTAGE

Set of 6 Dual Brush with two tips (brush tip for large areas + fine tip for precision markings) for maximum creativity.

Water-based colours can be mixed together and used as watercolours.

These pens are acid-free, non-toxic and odourless. Colours are not light-resistant.

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Set of 6 colors Vintage

Perfect for handlettering, aquarell, illustrations, stamping / card crafting, drawing comic / manga, journaling and much more.

Vintage Colors : n.49, 52, 379, 407, 569, 817

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