small decorative vase for windows and mirrors

Small Flower Vase for Window and Mirror "Kaki" - h concept


Small Flower Vase for Window and Mirror

This design vase is a bit mysterious. It seems to make a flower grow in midair!

It is made of soft material that can be repeatedly stuck to flat surfaces like glass, mirrors or tile.

Available colors: Brown, Clear, Blue

Colors: Blue
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This vase is a bit mysterious – it seems to make a flower grow in midair!

It is a soft material that can be repeatedly peeled off on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles.

Designed by TODO



When the flowers are laid, the flowers appear to float in the air in combination with the background.
A vase that creates a mysterious space. It is also recommended to give it with a flower.


A vase that changes the atmosphere depending on the place to put it on, the background, and the flowers to decorate.
You can enjoy the changing weather with the sky and clouds as the background.



Different expressions depending on the flow of time and the season.
From sunrise to evening, the intensity of the sunshine, the drips falling through the windows on rainy days.

Kaki's appeal is that you can enjoy the emotion and change of the background depending on the background.
He / she shows a different expression every day.


Ideal for the powder room and kitchen. also for commercial structures such as bar, restaurant, hospital, hairdresser.


・You can decorate flowers according to the modern living space in a small space.

 Decorate your favorite places with your favorite flowers. 

・It can be repeatedly peeled off on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles.

 It is made of PVC material, does not fall down, does not break, and can be easily pasted on the glass surface without adhesive, and is easy to remove.

Pour water with a spout or a measuring cup. The amount of water should be up to 70% of the product.

* Precautions for use
・Do not use in direct sunlight
・It cannot be used on uneven or rough surfaces.
・Remove dust and dirt from the product attachment surface and the application surface. And stick it on the whole surface to prevent air from entering.
・Do not use near precision equipment.
・Do not leave the product on printed materials. Ink may migrate to the product.
・The product may become cloudy, but there is no quality problem.
・Due to the soft material, the product surface may be distorted.

* How to care
・If it gets dirty, wash it with a neutral detergent and dry it well.
・Do not use highly volatile materials such as thinner or alcohol. There is a risk of deterioration.
・Polishing with a scourer or abrasive may damage the surface.
・Do not put or pull the brush with excessive force.


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