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easy to install storage clip

Space Saving Clip for Accessories for Kitchen Office Bedroom 2pcs "Tidy" - h concept

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Space Saving Clip for Accessories for Kitchen

This Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc, with one hand.

It saves space because you can keep such things wherever you want: under your wall cabinet, under the sink, in a kitchen counter and so on.
Just slide a kitchen cloth or some other light object between the holding arms: it's that easy! 

Available colors: White, Olive, Rose brown

Colors: Rose Brown
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Installation is very simple and requires no tools.
Thanks to its compact size the clip does not take up space.


Do you want to make your work easier?
Just peel off the double-sided tape on top, attach the clip wherever you want, and the ceiling will turn into a closet! 
When you want to store an item, just push it into the clip - you can easily place it with one hand and quickly grab it when you need it.

- For hanging your kitchen cloths, rubber gloves etc.

- As a recipe holder or to keep kitchen mitten etc.

- For hanging keys, letters etc.

- Washed clothes can be hung by spreading the two holding arms.

How to attach:

1. Peel off the protective film.

2. Stick the clip where you want to attach it.

Not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room and bedroom, the clip will help not to forget an important key or envelope that you tend to lose.

In addition to the kitchen, there are various ways to use the clip in the living room, such as keeping keys, envelopes and important postcards close at hand so as not to forget them.
Also perfect for putting up a shared family reminder!

The clip is very handy, you can place it where you see it immediately and put something in it so you don't lose it and don't forget it.
It is an object that can be used in your room or even at work, for example to keep in order the cables of headphones and chargers that tend to get tangled.


Available in 3 shades. Easy to install and use!

* Max. load capacity: 300g


Data sheet

Furniture and space organization
Office & school
Vase and Accessories
Size: 4.7 x 3.4 x 3.9cm
Body: TPE, Sticker: Acrylic foam adhesive
Country of origin

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