Glue roller effective on paper, photographs, receipts, thin boards in plastic, metal, wood, glass

Strong Glue Roller - Non Permanent, Refillable (12m) MX for Paper, Photo, Slim Boards (Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass) - Plus


Strong Glue Roller, Removable, Refillable

Glue roller, repositionable and refillable (12m).

3-layer structure for high adhesive strength. Powerful yet cleanly removable. Can repeatedly be stuck on again.  

Glue roller effective on paper/display board, photographs, receipts, thin boards made of plastic, metal, wood, glass. 

Tape Length: 12m                                  

Tape Width: 15mm                                                         

Packaging System: Blister

Color: Light Green

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High-performance ► Powerful and still cleanly removable glue roller

• The repositionable side can be removed cleanly from the object, while the permanent side sticks firmly on the paper. 

Repositionable ► This glue roller is very practical for arranging posters, photos and much more


• Powerful and still cleanly removable

• Leaves no residues 

• Can repeatedly be stuck on again 

Push - open cap


• Simply push the button to open the cap.

Easily refillable

• Refill cartridges are easily replaced,with less plastic disposal.

* Effective on paper/display board, photographs, slips/receipts, slim boards made of plastic, metal, wood, glass.
・ Not recommended for use with heavy materials.
・ Not applicable on rough or textured surfaces.
・ Not applicable on oiled surface such as color printed paper.
・ Please use at room temperature between 15-35 degrees Celsius.

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