office clips for documents and papers
Codice prodotto: MID1912CN04

Dog Shaped Paper Clips "D-clips nano Dog" - Midori


Dog Shaped Metal Paper Clips

Small size metal paper clips: D-clips nano perfect for carrying around!

Not only the case but also the clips themselves are smaller than the regular sized D-clips.

But these tiny paper clips are functional enough to hold 10 copy sheets.

New designed metal paper clips that combines design and functionality.

Case contain 16 clips

This D-clips nano paper clip adds a touch of fun to your everyday tasks at school or office. Animal shaped D-clips nano next to D-clips look like child and parent.  

・ Keep out of reach of young children and infants.
・ Not for children under 6 yrs.
・ Ingested clips can cause serious injuries and seek immediate medical attention.

Data sheet

Office & school
Case Size : 48x23x11mm
ABS(case), Stainless Steel(clip)