space saving A4 binder for office

Expandable A4 File, Space Saving ZERO MAX - 10pcs Pack - Plus


Expandable, Space Saving A4 File for Office and Home

Expandable holder, save on space, at your office or home. 

Max capacity 800 sheets (80g/㎡), the file rear can be expanded up to 10cm.

Unique Eco-friendly holder made from recycled materials.

The perfect filing solution to save space at your office or home.

Packaging: Polybag Set with 10 units

Available colors: Light grey, Beige, Blue

Colors: Blue
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ZERO MAX Folder - Slim or Wide as you wish!

The perfect filing solution to save space at your office or home. The space-saving folder Zero Max grows with its content. The expandable spine can be adjusted according to the number of documents it holds and can hold up to 800 sheets. This flexibility saves a lot of space and you can avoid unnecessary waste of space in the filing cabinet or briefcase.

Expandable Spine - Adjusts to the content

• The spine expands to store up to 800 pages or a 10cm thick stack of paper.
• Folder grows with the amount of documents.

One-Touch Sideways Fastener - Easy loading

• Just pull up and push down on the yellow finger grip to open or lock the binder.

Space-saving - Ensures order in the filing cabinet and gives room for other things

• Other archive files create wasted space since they may only contain a few documents.

• Zero Max folder stores documents in a space-saving and efficient way.

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Data sheet

Office & school
Dimention : 306x204mm
Spine width : from 18 to 118mm
Materials : Recycled paper pulp, Recycled polypropylene

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