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square colored planter flower pot for garden plants and flowers

Eco-Friendly Square Pot N.120 0.8L Modern Design for Plants and Flowers Outdoor-Indoor - Hachiman


Square Pot in Eco-Sustainable Plastic: Make Your Garden More Elegant!

Use one or more square flower pots together: create compositions with these square garden and indoor planters! 

The beauty of flowers and plants always brings warmth to the mind and heart. 

Our easy-to-use square pots and garden saucers are perfect for your passion for gardening. They will make you have many beautiful blooms in your garden.

Available Colors: White, Grey, Green, Mustard, Denim navy

Colors: Green
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Garden Series

In our flower pots & plates we use plastic and ecological wood chips or recycled paper that you can enjoy the texture of surface.
Each single pots and plates have different patterns and colours, exactly same as mellow wood, and its own character.

Stylish square type, for a more sophisticated garden style

This square type with a sharp impression enhances the garden style.
The unglazed color reproduces the real terra cotta carefully. Because it is made of strong plastic, it is less prone to cracks. 

Arbre (Wood chips) Pot Square Type 

These pots are combined with wood chips. Growing plants in them is having them in an almost natural environment.
They are sturdy and made from high quality plastic to last a long time and therefore environmentally friendly.  

Earth friendly, environmentally friendly material with a texture that is more natural

Raw materials that include natural materials (wood powder), which also leads to resource saving and effective utilization. A gentle complement to flowers and greenery.

※ This item uses natural materials (wood powder), so the texture is different in each pot. There are cases where wood powder gathers in a part or the color varies slightly depending on production lot. We can not accept returned goods for the above reasons, so please understand in advance and enjoy the texture of nature.  

Color variation: Denim Navy, Grey


Papier (Recycled paper) Pot Square Type 

These pots are combined with recycled paper so that you can enjpy their unique texture.
These square design pots with sharp lines will give your garden more elegance, beauty and add character

Papier pots and plates are combined with recycled paper. These basic designed pots with their unique surface and original colours bring out any plants’ beauty.
They are sturdy and made from high quality plastic to last a long time and therefore environmentally friendly.

Enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers with these natural pots and plates. 
Clean white, rustic green and well-coloured mustard colours.

Color variation: Mustard, White, Green


Plate: Available 2 types (sold separately) for square pot


N.120: W135×D135×H30mm for single pot N.120


N.240(rectangular): W246×D137×H29mm for 2 pots (N.120)

* Please check the size when ordering. 

Available in various sizes

* Product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. The actual colour of the products will vary somewhat from the photos.
* Because of using natural wood chips and recycled paper, each Pot and plate have their own unique design and texture. We do not accept any returns and exchanges even each pot and plate have different design.


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Denim navy-Gray: Polypropylene (harvested wood added)
Mustard-White-Green: Polypropylene combined with recycled paper)
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