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Pouch for small goods, cosmetics

Pouch for Small items and Accessories "Corned Beef" - Yup!


Fun Pouch for Home and School/Office

It looks so real you'll want to open it and eat! A pouch looking like a corned beef can: for pencils and small items. Bring fun to school or office!
Made of synthetic leather with print and embroidered application.

Color: Green

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Use this "corned beef can" as a makeup pouch or accessory case

"Yup!" is a slang expression for "yes" in a casual way: in Japanese, it means "Yeah”, “ah”, “okay".

This collection include familiar products that can be used casually in daily life, just like the word "yup!" can be easily exchanged between good friends!
Humorous pop illustrations related to food will brighten up your life!

* Colors of the product image may differ from those of the actual product depending on the lighting and angle at the time of photography.


[Red Cup Campaign]

Many young lives are lost to hunger around the world, and there are still children forced to work to eat and unable to go to school.
This campaign aims to inform as many people as possible about this situation and deliver school lunches to as many children as possible.
Marushin Co., Ltd. will donate a portion of the sales of eligible products to the United Nations WFP Association, which will use it to deliver school lunches.


Data sheet

Backpacks, bags and accessories
Office & school
Travel and Holiday
15x8.5 cm, height 8.5 cm
Synthetic leather

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