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Soap Dish in Draining Silicone "Tsun Tsun" - h concept


Soap Dish in Draining Silicone for Kitchen and Bathroom

This is a stylish soap holder with fine, sturdy tips to keep bars of soap nice and dry so they don’t get slimy or gooey.

Because the soap is kept dry and secure on Tsun Tsun’s flexible supports, you can pick the soap up easily, without it sliding around.

Tsun Tsun is perfect for cosmetic soaps, which last longer if dried quickly after use.

Available colors: Black, Yellow, Ocean green, Clear Water

Colors: Water Clear
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A soap dish keeps the soaps dry! The soaps last longer because they dry quickly after use.
Designed by Sotaro Miyagi & Mirei Takahashi
100 flexible fine tips (Tsun Tsun) support the soap bars, we can take soap that is difficult to grasp well in the hand. It dries quickly and lasts long without melting, making it ideal for toilet soap.

1. Dries quickly and lasts long without melting

Gently supports the soap with 100 soft protrusions. Because it supports at points, there is little tread, and even if you put a soap wet than a normal soap dish, it drains well and dries quickly. You can use it comfortably because it is not sticky. Ideal for toilet soap because it lasts long without melting.

2. A dent to the center

It is designed so that it gradually sinks toward the center so that it returns to the center when the wet soap is placed. It is a very soft silicone material that looks painful.


3. Always beautiful and clean

If you bend the body, you can wash even the finest parts inside. You can also remove soap foam, so you can always use it cleanly and comfortably. The bottom has a triangular design that prevents slipping even if placed in a humid place. Due to the design that reduces the surface that comes into contact with the installation table, it has good ventilation and is an attractive soap table that can always be kept clean.


Refreshing colors are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Black is ideal for those who are decorating the interior in monotone and modern. It is a fun color variation to match the color of the soap.
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